Vườn Thảo Điền
A multipurpose space of unique natural aesthetic

Filled with warm light, swaying caponies, and melodic tunes, Vườn Thảo Điền (Thao Dien Garden) was created as a contemporary architecture dedicating to special hospitality services.

With an expertise in organizing cultural events to joyful meetups, we hope to bring a poetic rest to the busy city of Saigon.

Designed with the appreciation of beauty in every detail and the passion of constantly refining hospitality services, Vườn Thảo Điền is a well-rounded space, a new harmonic creation from Hum Vietnam.

Our Services

DV Phong Hop Chuông Gió - A private space for working Workshop Đồi Hoa - An engaging space for events Sự Kiện Thủy Trúc - A tranquil space on the ground floort

Principal services

Slide Rental space for events Slide Daily services Slide Meeting room