An Evening of Music and Poetry

“An Evening of Music and Poetry” from young indie artists — an internal dialogue

Opening the tales of the fairy garden in April is an event filled with echoing poems and melodic tunes. It invites hundreds of young adults in Saigon to come and appreciate the beauty of summer.

“An Evening of Music and Poetry,” with the main subject “We’ve Grown” is a collaborative idea from young poet Nhuoc Lac (the author of “Cơm nhà nói chung là êm” – roughly translated as “Home meals are always soothing”), indie singer Tùng, Tâm Phúc, and guitarist Việt Dương.

Music and poetry are ordinary and familiar subjects. But with a caressing and appreciative touch from these young artists, the deliverance gives them a new form—full of life and love.

In an intimate evening, more than two hundred individuals embark on a narrative journey filled with music, poetry, and the idea that “We’ve Grown.”

As we grow older, there are moments of solitude and uncertainty waiting to be healed. “But we also grow from knowing to be joyful among people, once we have understood our own selves…” as author Nhược Lạc puts. We grow when we hesitate at strands of grey hair in our 30’s while thinking of our grandparents. We grow when we learn from children, ways of becoming parents and loving our kids.

Within that growing process is an image of our past — our far-yet-near history. It voids any principles and any doubts of our identity in the demanding flow of life and expectations of the future.

Within that growing process is also the vastness of confusion.

Through fusing music and poetry, the indie artists have given the audience a chance to be together and mend their souls. The evening was left with a pleasing atmosphere, where warm smiles grace every face.

Who says that music and poetry cannot be young?

– Saigon, April 2021, Ba Xuyên wrote


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